Airport in the Sky

9.6 miles

Where else in Southern Callie can you fly over the ocean and land on a mountain top? Built between two mountain peaks in 1946, Catalina’s Airport-in-the-sky is perched approximately 1602 feet above the Pacific Ocean.  For breathtaking, spectacular vistas there’s nothing like flying in and out of this historical airport. Whether by foot, bike or bus, you’re greeted with beautiful native gardens, a nature center with meticulously landscaped water fountains and some great hiking trails like the Trans Catalina Trail or the Black Jack.

Tours are available via bus shuttle between the airport and Avalon.  This ten mile, 25-minute drive takes you through winding and hair-raising turns, and natural wildlife.  It’s not unusual to spot a few frisky foxes or Buffalo at play along the way.

After taking in the scenic panoramic views, get a quick bite at the airport’s Buffalo Springs Station Restaurant.  If it’s a cool day they may even have a nice fire inside.  As you bask in its warmth, try the delicious Buffalo Burger and fries with a monstrous DC-3 cookie.  While you’re there, check out the gift shop for historical souvenirs, outerwear and jewelry, for that special gift.  If there is a heaven here on Earth, you won’t get any closer than Catalina’s Airport-in-the-sky.

Photo Credit: Daily Breeze