Catalina Submarine Tour

0.4 miles

If you looking for educational and entertaining adventures, an exploratory mission with a submarine can truly provide both.  Catalina Tours feature many scenic adventures beneath the deep blue, and these tours can be anywhere from 45 minutes to nearly 3 hours. Once aboard any of their semi-submersible vessels, passengers will enjoy underwater sea life so entrancing it’s as if you’re on the SS Calypso with Jacque Cousteau.  The “Nautilus”, their newest vessel, features a fish food feeding system with torpedo buttons so you can feed the fish from your very own seat!  Every vessel is equipped with a roomy interior and high-tech toys, so every exploratory tour promises comfort and fun for everyone.

View the ocean life like you’ve never seen it before as the submarine takes you on a tour of the inhabitants beneath the waves and along the shores of Catalina Island. View large beautiful kelp beds and exotic fish up-close through your own port hole.  As you head back to dock, take in the majestic ocean vistas and the coast line from the submarine deck. For a one-of-a-kind experience, the Nautilus Submarine tour offers eco-friendly adventure for the whole family.