Foundation’s X-ray Commitment Comes through in Time for a Great Catalina Summer

Thanks to the radiology fund-raising campaign held by the CIMC Foundation, local residents and visitors of Catalina Island will now have new radiology equipment for the coming 2013 summer season.

“This campaign has been a powerful example of the partnership between CIMC and the foundation,” said medical center CEO John Friel. “We are going to be able to make a dramatic improvement at the facility because of the dedication of the foundation’s volunteers and the community’s generosity.”

Every year more than 1,250 x-rays are taken at the Catalina Island Medical Center.  With x-ray technology, diagnoses ranging from pneumonia to broken bones can be determined.  Nearly two years ago, the center decided to replace the equipment which had originally been installed 28 years earlier.

According to CIMC Foundation President Carol Reynolds, the decision to support the hospital in replacing the equipment was an easy one. “X-rays are something that everyone needs,” she said. “Whether visitor or local, young or old, that equipment will be a benefit to everyone, especially in emergency situations.”

Last year, the CIMC Foundation delivered an interim check for $75,000.  This year the foundation committed to raise $150,000 of the $250,000 needed for the renovation and equipment improvements.

This 18-month campaign was no small feat.  Featuring a variety of programs and events, the campaign included a kick-off event at the home of Blanny Avalon Hagenah in September of 2011, followed by proceeds from An Evening with Oscar, the foundation’s signature annual event.  A major Los Angeles philanthropic organization, The Ahmanson Foundation, gave $25,000 as well.

Renovation was needed for the new radiology equipment to specifically support the framework.  The remodeling and equipment installation is expected to be finished by mid-June.