Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Getaway on Catalina Island

Thinking of Catalina Island for a bachelorette weekend? Think sun, fun, beach and pleasant weather 365 days a year.  Catalina Island offers everything a bride-to-be could ever want for lasting memories with best friends and close relatives. Whether she’s thinking of dinner beachside followed by a night of clubbing or adventurous days zip-lining and parasailing followed by the ultimate in spa treatments, then Catalina Island can give you the event of a lifetime. As bridesmaids, a bridal bash can be challenging, but it shouldn’t leave you or the bride stressed or frenzied. With early planning, a little research and some flexibility, you can keep the shindig on track. For a bit of planning help, we pulled together some ideas and tips so the festivities go down successfully and without a hitch on your Catalina Island Getaway.

  1. Get input from the bride-to-be in the early planning stages. What does she consider a fab getaway with her best pals?  Did she have something more formal in mind?  Is she athletic preferring hiking and scuba diving to clubbing and karoke?  Ask her what her expectations are and what she’s comfortable with while on Catalina Island?
  2. Finalize a date and set a guest list. Dates really depend upon where members of the wedding party currently reside.  If they are flying in from different parts of the globe, two weeks before the BIG date, may not work.  Setting the date includes knowing the schedules and availability of the bridesmaids as well.  Generally a month before the wedding works well.  The bride is available and not overly stressed yet, so that she can kick up her heels.  It’s best to keep the guest list to those actually invited to the wedding.  Gather their respective email addresses and phone numbers to make sending the invitations easy.
  3. Once a date has been set, brainstorm ideas for your bachelorette itinerary. Consider spa getaways, zip lining or renting a cabana for the day at Descano beach. Hit Avalon with a night at the Catalina Island Casino or check out the FREE concert series at Wrigley Plaza Stage near Avalon Bay all summer long.  Get feedback on how much can be spent by everyone before setting dates and arrangements for the bachelorette getaway.  Remember to include travel arrangements, including the costs of getting around the island.  Thankfully with the Catalina Penthouse you not only have spacious accommodations but you’re within walking distance of all major fun spots including clubs, bars and restaurants.
  4. Secure travel arrangements to Catalina Island. Four Southern California mainland ports can get you to Avalon on Catalina Island: San Pedro, Long Beach, Newport Beach and Dana Point. Reaching your destination by boat takes an hour, but helicopters are available and can take 15 minutes if you’re short on time. For more information about departure times, check out the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce
  5. Secure living arrangements. For your overnight stay, take a peek at our very own Catalina Penthouse less than a half mile to downtown Avalon Bay and many attractions including the Descano Beach Club. The penthouse is a multilevel condo featuring 2 master bedroom suites, a third bedroom and a private balcony with a state-of-the-art Jacuzzi and fabulous views of the ocean, casino and Avalon Bay. From all sides of the penthouse, you’ll have window views of the picturesque twinkling lights from the harbor as the sun sets and blue skies and sandy beaches during the day.
  6. Send Save-the-Date Reminders. Giving invitees a heads up on plans, also allows them some leeway to adjust travel schedules if needed. Nothing has to be set in stone before the email actually goes out, but you do want to give yourself some room to adjust any plans or dates without losing money or alienating anyone.  It’s also not a bad idea to give your gal pals an idea of how much you expect the trip to cost per person to avoid any last minute misunderstandings when it comes time for the check.
  7. Create Rules about What to Post on Social Media. Not every bride or bridesmaid wants a minute-by-minute account of the entire trip to Catalina for everyone to see, especially if it happens to be one’s boss. So before beginning any activities, especially those festivities that include alcohol, discuss with the bride what’s okay to post and what is not, and be sure to pass on her wishes to the rest of the bachelorette party. Remember the night is about the bride, so consider her wishes and comfort level, because before can say ‘buffalo milk cocktail,’ it will be your turn to celebrate on Catalina Island.